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Speed Part Diba Company | With the best technology in the world and specializes in providing original consumable parts for all cars worldwide

Speed Part Diba SPD

About our company: 
With superior technology in the field providing original spare parts for all vehicles worldwide 

Our  policy is based on the quality of the product with the purpose of improving the customers satisfactions, prevention of pollution, environmental pollution, occupational health, safety rules and regulations.
Speed Part Diba is one of the most important and pioneer distributor and manufacturer of different kinds of base oils, automobile oils, industrial and spare parts under the name “Speed Max”.

Our vision:
The company is targeted to reach to the most possible market share through improving quality and products diversity besides offering competitive prices.
SPD is proud to introduce oils, automotive batteries, automotive and industrial lubricants and spare parts according to national and international standards, with a variety of packages produced in the country and beyond the borders of Iran by relying on science and technology. As we are a known name and have a reputation in domestic and foreign market, against customers, we will be exalted. 
SPD is a distribution company with several years of experience under the name “Speed Max”. In terms of the types of gear, lubricants, filters, batteries and parts used in the automotive industry, we have taken a small step in the development of industrial society. It is obvious that one of the secrets of success is based on the professional sales team. It should be noted that the sales department has been using knowledge, scientific and technical expertise to provide high-speed service and technical consulting for free, all factories and industries, consumer satisfaction and provides more and more on expanding its activities in this area. It is hoped in the future as in the past; we can provide a service and continually improve and provide a more favorable context for the supportive clients.

Our mission:
We use our expertise, knowledge and service network within and outside the country for improving our after sales services and providing spare parts of vehicles to increase our customer’s satisfaction.

Organization values
•    Leading domestic and foreign markets after sales service and spare parts for cars 
•    Customer orientation, and improve customer satisfaction.
•    Ethics and fairness also create a win-win relationship with partners.
•    Development of human capital and knowledge based.
•    Maintaining social responsibility and sustainable resources.
•    Providing Spare parts and after sales service to vehicles for satisfaction of customers
•    Supply spare parts, increasing the quantity and quality of services, implementation of adornment, supply spare parts with brand “Speed Max”, deployment of technical experts representing community education on a wide network of after sales service inside the country to set a priority target.
•    Through the voice of the customer and the survey of attitudes towards the behavior of authorized agents, personnel behavior, and delivery of services, the quality of vehicle and the quality of spare parts, we survey the customers and improve the services. After enclosure of sales service contract with buyers and delivery of parts takes an important step in after sales service within and outside the country.

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